$10 buys a pack of audio cassettes to record folk music or oral history.

$25 covers the cost of gasoline for trips to interview camp refugees all over Lebanon.

$50 rents a bus or hall for a workshop.

$100 buys a tape recorder to assist in oral testimony collection.

$250 covers expenses incurred whenever AL-JANA holds a training workshop.

$500 pays for a homepage on the Internet and periodic updating of it.

$1000 pays for the technical services that transform an educational project undertaken by AL-JANA into a pedagogical textbook available for world-wide distribution.

Write your name and address by e-mail or mail. Our address is

Arab Resource Center For Popular Arts /AL-JANA
P.O. Box 114 / 5017 Beirut – Lebanon
Tele/Fax (+961) 1 819 970
Cell (+961) 3 839 917

Please, make your check payable to the Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts.
Thank you.