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Help us Achieve our Goals!

Technical and Facility Assistance

  • Can you hold a workshop on skills such as oral history collection, effective Internet use, homepage design, electronic magazine production, or multi-media indexing?
  • Can you offer volunteer time to train our staff and that of other NGOs in English?
  • Can you offer library materials on oral history collection or Palestinian culture?
  • Can you supply us with cabinets for storage of our cassette archives?

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Networking Assistance

  • Can you help us to identify other organizations and resource people involved in similar efforts with whom we might set up an information exchange system?
  • Please, do you know of individuals who maybe interested in our work?

If you can help us with networking, please contact us

Financial Assistance

  • $10 buys a pack of audio cassettes to record folk music or oral history.
  • $25 covers the cost of gasoline for trips to interview camp refugees all over Lebanon.
  • $50 rents a bus or hall for a workshop.
  • $100 buys a tape recorder to assist in oral testimony collection.
  • $250 covers expenses incurred whenever AL-JANA holds a training workshop.
  • $500 pays for a homepage on the Internet and periodic updating of it.
  • $1000 pays for the technical services that transform an educational project undertaken by AL-JANA into a pedagogical textbook available for world-wide distribution.

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  • Become a member of AL-JANA by donating $50 per year, and receive in return a year’s subscription to AL-JANA (in Arabic or English), regular update reports, and recent publications made by participants in AL-JANA’s workshops.