Jana Mobile Theater

Inaugurated in 2012 by the remarkable show Cavewomen: The Next Reincarnation performed by Dance Brigade, the Jana Mobile Theater is a 6×7 meters (extendable to reach 13×8 meters) mobile stage on which AL-JANA takes performances and screenings to marginalized communities.


Professional mobile cultural performances constitute a relatively new concept in Lebanon whereby “conflicting” communities do not usually meet in front of the same platform. Furthermore, professional bands are not accustomed to performing in marginalized areas. Using the mobile theater as a tool, this component will relocate the rich cultural experiences available to residents of the main cities into the heart of the camps and marginalized areas. In addition, communities will be given the chance to mingle, overcome stereotyping, and exchange experiences as a step towards accepting and acknowledging the “other”.


Bringing performers to areas that they have never visited before will break down barriers, encourage performers to view the real life of these marginalized groups, and help them overcome preconceived notions. Thus, performers will become bridges linking the various communities together.


AL-JANA thanks The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and ONG Rescate for their generous donations that enabled us to purchase our mobile stage.