Return to Soul

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The Return of the Soul is an installation of 3200 wax figure hand made by the youth in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon suspended and presenting a spectacular visual impression of a mass exodus. The wax figures accompany with 800 identities representing the storage of the memory of the first generation about homeland, uprooting, ethnic cleansing and presenting the dream of return, besides voices scattered with deep emotions enriched continuously by the series of Nakba since 1984 till Naher al bared.
The Scottish artist Jane Frere led an artistic work jointly with Arab resource centre AL Jana and Shams Culture Centre to mark and commemorate the sixty years of al Nakba through an artistic exhibition, whereas all its components prepared by Palestinians in the camps.
The installation took place at Dawar El Shams cultural center from September 14 till October 3 under the patronage of Al Safir newspaper , and it was consist of:

  • multiple wax figure installation
  • Testimonies
  • Sound sculpture

The return of the soul aimed to convey a message through the medium of culture to commemorate the 60th anniversary of AL-Nakba and to mark the consequences that continue to affect the lives of the Palestinians in the exile.
The project aimed also to create an awareness of the injustice of displacement and uprooting through artistic expression in both spiritual and humanitarian approach.

As the exhibition took place in the date of the 26 years of Sabra and Shatilla Massacre is still under construction, please bear with us!