Janana Spring Festival 2009

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“The Street is Ours”

As every year, the Janana Spring , 2009, took off to tour the villages and camps of Lebanon and share with their children what it had in store. The much anticipated week of learning, creativity and fun was successful in bringing together children, youth and local organizations of various Lebanese and Palestinian communities. The Festival was successful in creating an atmosphere of fun and joy while spreading the message of active learning and creative expression. The members of the Janana Network, who mounted up to 62 this year, put their efforts together to conduct 10 days of activities in their respective centers and regions; the activities brought children of different areas together and revolved around topics important to their lives.

The Janana Mobile Festival visited each of the designated areas for one day and presented a series of entertaining and meaningful shows to later take on the streets of the city/area in a colorful and musical street carnival declaring, “The Street is Ours”.

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